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BRIC universal industrial controller (hereinafter - the controller) complies with TU 354407-2018 and is designed for building local and geographically-distributed automation systems at technological facilities of small and medium complexity levels. It combines simplicity and reliability, operates in a wide temperature range, has incorporated self-diagnostic tools and common standard communication interfaces and protocols. Controller programming is possible in C/C++ and languages under the "IEC-61131-3" standard - ST, IL, FBD, SFC, LD.

Контроллер BRIC и модули расширения

BRIC controller and expansion modules

The controller provides for the remote state monitoring and performs the functions of process equipment control via Ethernet channels, wired channels (RS-232, RS-485) and other types of communication (including the wireless ones), and the expansion is possible through the use of several controllers and expansion modules connected through an intermodular bus.

The controller withstands the harsh conditions of industrial operation and is installed directly on the process unit. The controller is designed for continuous, full-time use.

The technical features of the controller and expansion modules can be found on our official website dedicated to the BRIC controller.


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